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Our VetTech service integrates our team with your farm to ensure the highest level of welfare in your herd. 

We know how busy you are, and we know how much time a whole host of jobs across your farm can take. Our Veterinary Technicians' provide an extra set of hands, delivering care at the same high standards we’re proud of, but at a lower cost.

Trained by the innovative VetTech Service at LLM Farm Vets in Whitchurch, our service for local farmers in Cornwall can help with vaccinations, disbudding, worm and egg analysis and TB testing assistance. 


Veterinary Technician Services

  • Stress-free vaccinations and vet-guided          assistance with protocols 

  • Youngstock performance monitoring

  • Mobility scoring 

  • Digital dermatitis scoring 

  • Body condition scoring

  • Disbudding 

  • Worm and coccidial count analysis

  • Transition checks 

  • TB test assistance 

Our VetTechs are an extra pair of hands to get the job done.

If you require our VetTech services, please contact us.

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